Key Skills

  • Training and course facilitation

  • Creating customised curricula for PC applications

  • Managing training roll-out projects

  • Delivery of a range of logistics and supply chain projects

Rick has been with the Lumify People (previously known as DDLS People) for over 15 years as a senior trainer and consultant, and has been involved with Defence work for over 20 years. He is an extremely versatile and experienced trainer and logistics expert with a wide variety of skills and expertise.

Along with the development and delivery of PC applications training, Rick has advanced knowledge in supply management, purchasing, warehousing, stocktaking, finance, reporting and advanced inventory management systems. He has also managed training roll-out projects with responsibility for formulating delivery plans and delivering the highest standards of service with budget and time constraints.

Rick holds over 60 Defence proficiencies across a wide range of specialisations and has developed and implemented customised curricula to achieve optimal learning outcomes. He also has extensive experience in the area of Special Education, allowing him to tailor learning to the specific needs of individual students.

A devoted teacher and trainer, Rick brings flexibility and creativity into the learning environment  to help all students find success. He is a leader who naturally balances the achievement of team goals while allowing for individual contributions of team members.

In his own words:

“I love working with the participants and the facilitation of courses. I love those ‘light bulb’ moments when the participant gets it and you can see the understanding in their eyes. Those moments make facilitating courses enjoyable and worthwhile.”