We help our customers keep pace with the rate of change by providing specialist advice, training and support from the ground up. From tailored IT learning solutions and technical advice to strategic consulting, we upskill workforces and transform organisations from the inside out

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Providing people-focused
solutions for over two decades

Established in 2002 as the National Defence strategic advisory team for ICT training provider DDLS, we are experienced in delivering multi-year, multi-million dollar business and tech initiatives. In 2018, our strategic advisory team became known as DDLS People. In 2022, DDLS rebranded to Lumify Group and DDLS People was renamed to Lumify People. We work with you to understand your challenges and build organisational capacity - whether that’s by providing people on-the-ground, delivering tailored learning solutions or embedding our specialists within your teams. 

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Tailored solutions, connected expertise.

We leverage the expertise and connections of the Lumify network to find the right people with the right expertise to meet your unique business challenges.

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Learning & Development

Fully customised, end-to-end learning and development solutions to upskill workforces and plug critical skills gaps. Delivered in workplaces, classrooms, online or a mix of all three.

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Expertise in integrated logistics support, inventory management and supply chain optimisation, provision of codification services and compliance assurance.

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Strategic & Management Consulting

Expert business analysis and strategic business advice to assist you in delivering outcomes, as well as top-level organisational support to help you overcome any challenges you may be facing.

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Portfolio, Program & Project Management

Experience in scoping, schedule development and management, budget and resource management, change, risk and issues management, reporting, assurance, procurement and contract management, stakeholder management and communications.

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Who we are

We’re a specialist team of experienced professionals who help analyse and understand your business challenges, and work with you to create and implement solutions. Our business began in 2002 as the National Defence strategic advisory team for ICT training provider DDLS. It is built on the foundations of a 20 year long (and counting) partnership with the Australian Department of Defence, for whom we provide a range of services that span logistics, program and project management, strategic management consultancy and learning and development skill sets. 

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DDLS People - 20 Years Anniversary

What makes us different?

We don’t just tick boxes: we fully immerse ourselves in your organisation so that we can understand your unique skills gaps and business needs. Then, we create a custom solution and deliver it - on time and on budget.

We’re natural problem-solvers and strategic thinkers who use our technical skills and industry experience to increase productivity, upskill workers and initiate positive change. And because we’ve been around for over 20 years, we’ve got the mature and proven processes and systems to get the job done.

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Our people

Our team members are professional practitioners with unrivalled expertise in a range of specialist fields. Beyond their impressive capabilities and experience, what they bring to your organisation is a total commitment to excellence and delivering results.

As an employer of choice, Lumify People attracts a high calibre of individual with the ability to work cohesively with your team. Not only that, but when they complete a project they leave a legacy of increased skills with your own people.

Our people also have access to the resources and tools of the Lumify Group, Australasia’s leading technology training organisation.