Anthony Donohue

Key Skills

  • Logistics management 

  • Supply chain management

  • Warehouse management

  • Workforce training

Anthony is a self-motivated individual who has worked in Defence logistics for over 36 years. His current role is as a Lumify People (previously known as DDLS People) Defence Logistics Systems trainer delivering a wide range of logistical subjects which involves SAP, MILIS, AIMS, IMAT, and codification.

Before this, he worked as a Disposal’s Specialist at all levels from Unit to SPO. In this role, Anthony travelled to most Defence sites to support his team (reservists and Linfox) in the physical disposal of Defence assets. He also reviewed and audited all the related MILIS transactions required to finalise the disposal. Anthony worked closely with SPO’s to draft disposal directives (AE650) in preparation for a delegation signature.

Anthony (or Spike, as colleagues call him) is proud of his work at the SPO as it allowed him to get out of his desk, mingle with the store people and get hands-on. It enabled him to understand the team’s capabilities and processes in-depth and recommend meaningful improvements to their workflow.

Anthony has a long career in Defence with some projects in the civilian sector, specifically in mining.

Outside of work, Anthony is focused on staying fit. He does CrossFit to maintain his quality of life and continue to be able to enjoy travelling with his family.

On Lumify People:

I’ve been working with Lumify People for three years now. But before that, I already knew people who are connected to the company. The knowledge these people have is extremely high and I like how you can ‘pick their brains’ to enhance mine.

Since I signed a two-year contract, I’ve observed an openness with talking about preferences and challenges. I enjoy travelling a lot but when the pandemic happened, I found myself stuck at home, at my desk. What is notable is that it’s comfortable to discuss this with and get support from the client and the team.