Delivering improved supply and reduced transport costs

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As part of a wide range of enhancements to the Defence logistics information system, Lumify People (previously known as DDLS People) was engaged to assist in automating requisition and replenishment activities. This project involved working with millions of records to improve workflows to deliver efficiencies and cost savings.

DDLS People Case Study Images - Delivering improved supply and reduced transport costs


The Lumify People team needed to engage with many internal stakeholders to understand current workflows to move stock into and between various warehouse locations across different geographic areas.

The project was large and complex, with millions of records, a wide geographic spread and competing stakeholder requirements requiring new workflows and sequencing to achieve the desired efficiencies.


Lumify People assembled a small team of logistics and supply chain experts with various complementary skills to undertake this project. Given the volume of records, the program of work was implemented in planned phases over the project duration.

Key activities to successfully deliver the project included:

  • Initial desktop auditing, including identification of stakeholder cohorts across the client organisation

  • Facilitating a significant number of stakeholder workshops to map current and future workflows to determine the hierarchy of sequencing for stock requisitions across geographic areas

  • Developing optimal solutions to meet the needs of all stakeholders, confirm data accuracy and minimise stock movement

  • Breaking down millions of records into smaller work packages that were prioritised based on stakeholder needs

  • Drafting of code to implement new stock requisition workflows with logical sequencing included to ensure sourcing from the closest geographic location to reduce delivery time and transportation cost

  • User acceptance testing (UAT) and making adjustments based on feedback

  • Applying code to each record package and running post-implementation audit to ensure data accuracy.


The logistics and supply chain experts of Lumify People successfully delivered the project with a phased approach over a period of time. They were able to streamline the stock requisition and replenishment process with new, efficient and effective workflows to improve supply and reduce costs.

Key outcomes included:

  • Reduced stock delivery time from and between warehouse locations

  • Reduced transportation costs

  • Improved workflows and processes within and between geographically diverse warehouse locations