Project Support Officer (EA)

Job Description

Contract Length: 12 months
Location: Melbourne
Security Clearance Requirement: Baseline

About the Position

Services to be provided:

The PSO/ EA is accountable under limited direction from the Senior EA, to perform administrative work within the HQ team.

The PSO/ EA will ensure the department has full administrative support, and work with the greater Business Ops team to ensure the operational needs are being met.

(Would suit junior person seeking to gain Defence experience, and keen on getting good insight into how Defence works at the senior levels.)


  • Ensure Senior Executive is prepared appropriately for all commitments including committees, meetings, presentations, appointments, travel and representational duties

  • Plan and coordinate Senior Executive schedule (diary commitments) and forward work plan, including all travel arrangements, organising of meeting venues, catering and briefing packs

  • Reconciliation of travel and other expenditure, including undertaking Card Management System acquittals on behalf of Senior Executive

  • Process, coordinating and prioritise all incoming and outgoing correspondence, ensuring accuracy, relevance and completeness. Then distributing to all relevant stakeholders. Drafting staff work on behalf of the Senior Executive as necessary

  • Establish and maintain trusted relationships and effective lines of communication with a broad range of stakeholders and executive staff in support of the Senior Executive’s intent

  • Ensuring the Senior Executive maintains situational awareness of all significant activities, tasks, incidents, and priorities

  • Complete admin tasking as assigned

This position is no longer available