MILIS Supply Chain Professional

Job Description

Contract Length: 24 months
Location: Canberra or Laverton Victoria
Security Clearance Requirement: NV1


This task will provide ERP support to undertakes data analytics, planning and management tasks to achieve data readiness for Defence

ERP implementation. On that basis, a deep understanding of MILIS structures and Defence Supply Chain is desirable.


Specific tasks are described as follows:  

·         Support preparedness for ERP with regards to:

o   Technical integration, by conducting process and architecture analysis and providing specialist advice in support of ERP testing and remediation activities; and

o   Data, by representing in nominated workshops to provide specialist advice and quality assurance of data related artefacts.

·         Support and specialist advice regarding current and emerging projects across the life of the contract where required.

·         Provide knowledge transfer and repeatable plans to support teams for technical deliverables.

Contractors will provide data support services and assist with planning and managing a number of readiness tasks. The contractors will assist the newly established Team with establishing data requirements and tasking during this transition period to an enterprise solution. The contractors will enhance capability to coordinate, support and enable the delivery of data activities related to the adoption of the Defence ERP in order to achieve on-time adoption of ERP functionalities and as far as is possible mitigate impacts on Defence logistics operations.


·          Logistics data extraction and analysis required to support ERP activities;

·          Gap identification and reporting in terms of technical integration and data;

·          Assist with the remediation requirements for defects found during Trial Conversions (TC), System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and cut-over activities during the pre and post ERP Go Live periods;

·          Assist with Data Load requirements;

·          Provide assistance to ERP Warehouse remediation activities including:

o    Deliverable 1 – Prepare: Planning the restructure of MILIS warehouse grids & bins, co-ordinate physical relocation, and consolidation of stock.. Support the build of new ERP data structures (including Force Element/MRP/Storage Location mapping from MILIS data).

o    Deliverable 2 – Extract: Design, Test, and Extract MILIS warehouse data to support the preparation tasks outlined above.

o    Deliverable 3 – Validate: Assure and report that the planned outcome, delivers an effective business result and optimise where required.

o    Deliverable 4 – Monthly Status Report against the assigned tasks. As part of the reporting requirement, the Contractor will deliver a monthly progress report of services provided within this RFQTS.

·          Delivery of solutions required to remediate data corruption, as required

·          Stakeholder engagement including the delivery of reports on the outcome of ERP Working Groups.

This position is no longer available