Why become a Defence or public sector consultant?

By Chloe Villanueva  |  October 24, 2022

Those who have experienced fixed-term public sector consulting will often say that it often seems like a combination of both the private and public sector. If you're considering becoming a consultant in the public sector or Defence, we share a few reasons to pursue it.

Our team of experts in strategic management and consulting, logistics & supply chain support, project management, data analytics and learning and development can attest to this, especially when working with clients through Lumify People. As one of our consultants Julie puts it:

“Lumify is an organisation that puts its people first and appreciates that happy people drive quality outcomes. Since joining the team, I’ve had multiple opportunities for career development and personal growth. I thoroughly enjoy my work and I’m proud to be part of this professional, dynamic and flexible organisation.”

Why work in a public sector or Defence consultancy?

  1. A variety of projects to choose from
    Fixed-term consultancy work in the public sector and Defence lets you tackle a various projects and challenges in different agencies and units. Working with Lumify People as a consultant also means you get support in terms of finding projects that match your expertise, interests, requirements and arrangements.

  2. Meeting great people
    Working as a Defence or public sector consultant gives you access to different colleagues with different expertise. This kind of work helps you grow your professional network. You can pick their brains, learn from them, and hear their stories of adventure and overcoming obstacles.

  3. Insights into government strategies
    Defence and public sector consultants often work with complex problems facing Government departments and the communities they serve. Seeing the planning required here is especially rewarding for those visionaries and those who enjoy looking at the bigger picture.

  4. Access to learning opportunities
    You learn about different agencies and units as you work on your projects. And being a Defence or public sector consultant with Lumify People offers opportunities to advance your skills with training and certification in information and communications technology (ICT), project management and data analysis.

Doing work that matters
Those who work in fixed-term Defence and public sector development consultancies enjoy seeing the broader impact of their work, how it influences change for the better and how it supports communities and citizens.

If you genuinely want to become a consultant in the public sector or Defence, we encourage you to explore the possibilities here.

Lumify People partners with public sector organisations to help solve problems, large and small. With 20 years of experience in logistics support, project management and training. Our expertise has been honed dealing with some of the largest organisations and institutions in Australia, and we have an established track record of delivering results with commitment and passion. Lumify People was established 20 years ago as part of the Lumify Group of companies.

Our consultants are the day-to-day client contacts delivering consulting and project management to our valued clients. They are highly experienced with an enviable skill set. Join our team when you apply for any of the roles on our Careers page.