How to Get Hired for a Government Consultancy or Job: Points to Think About from Experts

By Chloe Villanueva  |  September 26, 2022

Applying for a fixed-term consultancy in the public sector follows a different set of processes and requirements. If you are exploring this as your next career move, you need to be prepared for the change. Our team at Lumify People and other experts share insights on the initial steps for doing project work and consultancies with a government agency.

The three levels of government in Australia - federal, state and local - have many permanent and fixed-term roles that need to be filled.

Each role at each level requires different working arrangements and selection criteria. SEEK Australia shares that capabilities and recruitment managers in the government sector look to the Situation, Task, Action & Result (STAR) model when reviewing job applications. In this method, you can highlight the following as you craft your resume, cover letter and bid:

  • Situation - A brief outline of the case or project in which you worked, relevant to the role

  • Task - An overview of what you did

  • Action - A description of how you did your tasks

  • Result - A list of the outcomes

Beyond this, we recommend coordinating with the Contact Officer and advisors like DDLS People to better understand what's expected of the role. You can also discuss the context of the role and where the level sits within the Integrated Leadership System (ILS), which is the framework of the Australian Public Service (APS). These expectations can include:

  • Specific personal qualities

  • Skills and skillset levels

  • Knowledge, certifications and qualifications

  • Working arrangements

  • Expected interactions with different stakeholders

  • Different levels of security clearance

DDLS People has access to APS opportunities for consultants that you can’t access directly. We will work with you to develop your CV and pitch to address essential and desirable criteria, giving you the best chance of success.

During discussions with the Contact Officer and Lumify People, you will note key differences between roles in the private sector and government agencies. Michael Page highlights these:

  • Benefits such as shorter work weeks, rostered days off and paid parental leave

  • Standards and compliance based on government guidelines

  • Cost strategy with a focus on fulfilling services and mandates

Paul Webb who oversees Talent Acquisition at DDLS People advises:

“Weigh up the benefits of working directly in the APS versus contracting through an agency.”

Public sector organisations are accountable for ensuring that citizens are supported as they go about their day-to-day lives. Individuals who take on roles in government are thus expected to demonstrate the same level of accountability.

Lumify People partners with public sector organisations to help solve problems, large and small. With 20 years of experience in logistics support, project management and training, Lumify People is powered by a team of passionate and dedicated professionals and the national reach and expertise of the DDLS Group.

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